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Thank you for visiting the site, and for taking the time to read my affiliate disclaimer. It is important to me that I always remain transparent with you about how we do things here.

While it was not my intent in the beginning, Gluten Free Gigi LLC and all that entails is my full-time job.

In addition to creating all the original content I share here on the website, I am a book author, I write freelance articles and develop recipes for various other websites and publications (food and non-food), I develop recipes for food companies on a contract basis, I am the editor-in-chief of Food Solutions Magazine and I participate in a very few, select affiliate programs with companies I trust and that I feel align with my mission, goals and passions when it comes to cultivating optimal health and a positive life.

Affiliate Links in Posts

Some of my recipe posts or signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science articles here on the website may contain affiliate links that you can click to learn more about and to purchase products that I use and recommend.

What if You Purchase via an Affiliate Link?

If you purchase a product(s) via those links, you will never pay more for the product at all, but because I choose to share those links with you, I receive a small commission from the sale from the company providing the product. Think of it as a referral fee. 

Why Do I Share Affiliate Links?

By sharing affiliate links for products I use and believe in and that I feel my readers may benefit from knowing about and using, I am able to offset some of the costs I incur to run the show.

You may be surprised to know that there are many costs associated with what I do to provide my readers with the information and resources that share here.

For example, some of my expenses include (but are certainly not limited to) costs associated with maintaining this website; ingredients, equipment and props for recipe development and testing; photography equipment; empirical scientific journal subscriptions for researching my signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science articles; general expenses involved in running a business (electricity, office supplies, etc.); continuing education experiences (conferences, courses, etc.) and of course, my time and expertise (multiple undergrad degrees and graduate school were not free) in crafting the content I share here. 

Bottom Line

Some of you do not care at all, others of you do and if you do I want you to have a better understanding of how we run things.

I also want to say “thank you” for helping by using those affiliate links and purchasing products you would be using anyway. It helps, and it means a lot to me, because my goal is always to be able to provide premium content to you at no cost.

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