Since 2009, I’ve been sharing family favorite gluten-free recipes, my best tips for successful gluten-free baking and insight into creating a life free from allergens. Just like in the beginning, my approach continues to be one that keeps food simple, nutritious, affordable and fun!

Will Gluten or Other Grains from Chicken Feed Get into the Meat?

The research-based short answer to the question Will Gluten or Other Grains from Chicken Feed Get into the Meat? is No. And from Dr. Ruth MacDonald, Department Chair in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University: “The simple answer is...

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Anti-Inflammatory Grass-Fed Beef Broth

Earlier this week, I shared 10 Simple Ways to Maintain an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. This recipe for Anti-Inflammatory Grass-Fed Beef Broth is something you can sip along with a meal, like a broth or soup before your main meal, or as a light snack or pick-me-up in the...

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48 Gluten-Free Recipes for Thanksgiving

Autumn is my favorite season and quite possible the kickoff to the best food months of the year! Even if you're new to gluten-free living, you can have a “normal” holiday meal using these easy to prepare recipes. I promise there are no “difficulty level: challenging”...

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5-Ingredient Grain-Free Chicken Cakes

Like crab cakes, these 5-Ingredient Grain-Free Chicken Cakes are a simple mixture of ingredients shaped into patties and skillet fried in oil. They are crispy outside, juicy and delicious inside and a great way to use leftover chicken. I always make these with chicken...

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Gigi’s Life-Changing Blender Bliss Smoothie

That’s a name to live up to, huh? This smoothie delivers. It has so much going for it in terms of nutrition and taste that it’s a must-share! It’s calorie-dense, doesn’t skimp on fat and gets natural sweetness (and carbs) from bananas. Nutritionally, I love that this...

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If This Isn’t How You Freeze Bananas, You’re Doing it Wrong

I know. It’s a bold statement. Just put them in the freezer. It seems so obvious. But every time I share how I freeze bananas, the reaction is like I shared a fifth gospel. And because I had to share my recipe for Gigi’s Life-Changing Blender Bliss Smoothie, which...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Is Ghee Dairy-Free?

This is not sponsored content. This article, Ingredient Spotlight: Is Ghee Dairy-Free?, is one in my series of baking tips, ingredient information and cooking shortcuts to help you maximize your baking success with the 160 recipes in my book, The Big Book of...

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2018 Gluten Free Halloween Candy List

This 2018 Gluten Free Halloween Candy List is not sponsored content. I do not receive compensation, monetary or in product samples, for including any candies in my list. My goal is to focus on top Halloween and fall treats from mainstream brands, but I also include a...

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Baking Tips: Butter vs. Dairy-free Buttery Spread vs. Shortening

To maximize your baking success with recipes in my new cookbook, The Big Book of Gluten-Free Cooking, I’m sharing a series of articles with baking tips, ingredient information and more. Buy your copy here and please leave a positive review on Amazon so that others who...

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