Since 2009, I’ve been sharing family favorite gluten-free recipes, my best tips for successful gluten-free baking and insight into creating a life free from allergens. Just like in the beginning, my approach continues to be one that keeps food simple, nutritious, affordable and fun!

The Big Gluten Free Cookie Giveaway

The Big Book of Gluten Free Cooking is available via Amazon as of August 28, 2018.The Kindle version is available here! If you haven’t peeked on Amazon at the “Look Inside” feature, do it! You can see the first couple of chapters and they are filled with useful...

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Jovial Gluten Free Pasta & Cookbook Giveaway

Pasta is the number one favorite food in the world. Considering the number of questions I receive about my favorite brand of gluten-free pasta, that’s not surprising. That's why, in The Big Book of Gluten Free Cooking (Rockridge, Aug. 2018), I dedicate an entire...

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