With a strong research background, my signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science approach to wellness sets me apart. I respect you enough to share only facts about health and nutrition so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation.

When Gluten-Free Foods Contain Wheat

This article is to raise awareness of wheat-derived ingredients in foods labeled “gluten-free”, especially for individuals with wheat allergy. For more information about wheat allergy and how that differs from celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and other...

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Science-Backed Facts about Gluten-Degrading Enzyme Pills

    An Instagram follower reminded me with this comment that my work sharing my signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science™ is far from done: “I always carry gluten pills in my bag just in case.”  By “gluten pills” that individual was referring to gluten-degrading...

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How to Eat Gluten-Free at IHOP

On June 11, 2018, IHOP rolled out the new name, IHOb, to shine the limelight on their burgers. It's a temporary marketing scheme, and quite frankly, a brilliant one in my opinion. Any time you get the whole internet buzzing about your product, it's a good thing. You...

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Is “Nitrate-Free” Bacon Fooling You?

Remember when bacon was just bacon? Now bacon is bacon with adjectives. It must be: nitrate-free nitrite-free uncured all-natural Some folks want to see “paleo” or “Whole30 approved" on the label, too. I get it. I admit, being the health-conscious savvy shopper that I...

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7 Ways to Simplify Healthy Eating

The goal behind these 7 Ways to Simplify Healthy Eating is to make eating healthy an automatic behavior. Incorporating positive lifestyle habits, like eating foods that support gut and immune health, means no crash diets, no feeling deprived and gives us a leg up on...

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4 Reasons Your Gluten Free Diet Isn’t Working

Whether you have celiac disease or another gluten-related health issue that makes a gluten-free diet necessary, there are some pitfalls that can impede your success. If your symptoms persist even after going gluten-free, these 4 Reasons Your Gluten Free Diet Isn't...

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The Bright Side of Celiac Disease

I’m an eternal optimist. Show me a dark cloud, I’ll show you a silver lining. Give me lemons, we’ll make lemonade and sip it on the veranda. It irritates some folks that I’m so darned happy all the time. I get it. Life is hard, bad things happen. But my perpetual...

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