In 2012, I asked myself the hardest question: What do you want? Once I set fear aside and answered honestly, I set about crafting the existence I truly want. Creating the life I desire is an integral part of my daily routine. Now, I’m showing you exactly how I did it, right down to how I travel more, cut my work days from 14 to 5 hours, shortened my work week from 7 to 5 days and tripled my income along the way! Your dreams can be your reality and I want to show you how to manifest them!

7 Steps to Inner Power {Book Giveaway}

Reading is a passion of mine. I try to read a book every week of the year, but thoughtful book reviews take time. For that reason, my agreeing to do a review is rare, but this title caught my eye. In Seven Steps to Inner Power, Tae Yun Kim crafts a powerful message...

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4 Positive Life Lessons I Learned from Loss

Each year in America more than 44,000 lives are lost to suicide.  Of those, over half are firearm suicides. On January 5, 2013, my brother become a statistic. His decision to end his own life changed mine forever. I spent six months in a dark place after receiving the...

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Never Have a Case of the Mondays Again

Mondays get a bad rap. I admit, those “give me all the coffee” memes are cute, but honestly, I don’t relate. Why? Because Monday, my friends, is my favorite day of the week. Truth! I want to show you how to Never Have a Case of the Mondays Again! In the early stages...

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Include Home Décor in Your Wellness Routine

This post is sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle. All opinions are my own.   Step through the front door of my home, and you learn three things: 1 – Two orange tabbies and a beagle are our gate-keepers. 2 – Color surrounds me. 3 – Candles are an obsession. Creating a...

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How to Make Money – Start Small for Big Gains

Two items on most everyone's life wish list are (1) more time and (2) more money. Over the past six years, I worked diligently to increase my productivity by cutting time thieves from my life. I still do. Saving and maximizing our time goes a long way in helping us...

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Work Less, Increase Productivity

Between 2012 and 2014, I cut my work days from 14 to 5 hours, shortened my work week from 7 to 5 days and tripled my income along the way! I even took a 6-month hiatus in 2015 to live in France. If you subscribe to my weekly eNewsletter, The G-List, you already know...

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5 Blocks to Productivity and Time Management

5 Blocks to Productivity and Time Management is the first post in an ongoing series about Productive Slow Living. It’s about making the most of the time you have and working with your current means. The focus is living a full, joyful, low-stress life with high energy...

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How to Lose Weight without a New Years Resolution

With each New Year, those indulgent holiday treats that bombarded us online all November and December long vaporize and are replaced with a barrage of green drinks, (sometimes extreme) diet plans and the call for lofty resolutions to be healthy, get fit and...

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