Help in the Palm of Your Hand: Explore the Walgreens App

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It’s no secret that wellness is important to me. After all, it is literally my business to share practical, fact-based advice about how to take the best care of ourselves while managing health issues and busy lifestyles.

When I discover convenient new ways to help make managing my family’s health easier, I want to share it with you! That’s why I’m excited for this opportunity to share about the Walgreens App!

Have you heard of it? If you’re like me, you might be reluctant to add yet another app to your smart phone, but before you decide, look at what this app can do! It is so worth it! Once I signed up and gave it a try, I was hooked!

Help in the Palm of Your Hand: Explore the Walgreens App


Sign up is simple.

Visit the Walgreens App page and get in on the convenience that’s waiting for you.

In terms of prescriptions, the app allows users to:

  • get text or email alerts about prescriptions
  • get refill reminders so you don’t run out of your medication


Convenience and savings? Count me in!

Help in the Palm of Your Hand: Explore the Walgreens App

I love that I can grab my phone, open the Walgreens App, and easily manage my entire family’s prescriptions in one place. I can even manage our pets’ medications! That means I never risk running out of our sweet beagle, Alice Ann’s, thyroid meds.

When I need a refill, l simply scan the prescription label right from my phone. It’s easy to check the status of a refill, too. When prescriptions are ready for pickup, I get an immediate update right on my phone.



Beyond Prescription Refills

Even after picking up your prescription, the app continues to work for you. Users can add reminders to the app for when to take medications, so there’s never a worry over a missed dose. I find this extremely helpful when managing my pets’ prescriptions!

The Walgreens App also allows users to:

  • Set up automatic refills for family members
  • View family prescription history
  • Schedule vaccinations



Help in the Palm of Your Hand: Explore the Walgreens App

Weekly Ad and Paperless Coupons

If you’re like me and love one-stop shopping and savings, you can also view Walgreens weekly ad at your local store, check for item availability and even clip paperless coupons to redeem at the checkout when you use your Balance® Rewards card. All this, right from your phone!


Help in the Palm of Your Hand: Explore the Walgreens App


I Love the Photo Feature!

Another feature I absolutely love is being able to print photos right from my phone! Just select Photo in the Walgreens App, then choose photos from your device, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox account.

From there, you can create prints, Photo Cards, Collage Prints, Photo Books and more and get free same day pickup!

The Walgreens App is FREE to download and is supported on Android and iOS platforms across phone, tablet and smartwatch devices. Give it a try! I think you’ll love it as much as I do.



Visit Walgreens online and connect with them on social media, too: Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram and use #WalgreensApp when sharing your Walgreens experiences.


Have you tried the Walgreens App yet?

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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