Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Gluten-Free & Allergy Options

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If you’re considering taking advantage of the ultimate in Halloween fun and attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year, I have some info to help you make the most of your evening plus details about gluten-free and allergen-free trick-or-treating in Magic Kingdom during the event. But before we talk about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Gluten-Free & Allergy Options, let’s get some details about the event in case you’re not familiar with it.

What is it?

  • A special ticketed event that takes place on select nights in Magic Kingdom.
  • This year, party nights fall between August 17 and October 31, 2018.
  • The party begins at 7pm and lasts until midnight.

For exact nights, tickets and more details, click here.

magic kingdom halloween

How it works?

  • Your ticket is automatically added to your Magic Band.
  • Once you scan into the park with your Magic Band, you receive a party wrist band and a party guide brochure.
  • Attendees can enter the park as early as 4pm.
  • The park closes to non-party guests at 6pm.
  • Cast Members help non-party goers exit the park via Main Street USA.


Time flies when you’re on Disney time.

With the party lasting five hours, entering early may seem unnecessary, but if you only have one night to attend, you may want to consider it.

Factor in a two-hour wait for a single character meet, 20 minutes for parade viewing, an hour to make your way around trick-or-treating, plus time for snacks, rides and shopping and you can see how five hours zips past!


halloween disney

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Gluten-Free & Allergy Options


It’s no secret we are a Disney family and we love how easy it is to eat gluten-free for celiac disease, allergen-free (soy, peanuts, tree nuts) and dairy-free at Walt Disney World and Disney Springs.


But how about trick-or-treating at the Magic Kingdom?

We attended MNSSHP last week, so I want to share our experience and some tips with you in case you’re able to attend this year or in the future.

As I mention above, those not attending the party exit out Main Street USA. To enter the party, avoid Main Street and go to the right. Enter through the inflatable arch and you will see special Halloween statues of characters like Donald and Minnie.


Minnie Mouse Halloween Statue


Get your Trick-or-Treat Bag

At that point, cast members hand out trick-or-treat bags. For individuals with food allergies, simply request a teal bag. You can get a treat bag at any Treats location throughout the park if you miss it when you first enter.

allergy-friendly halloween at disney


Treat Locations

There are 14 trick-or-treat stations throughout the park marked with an illuminated inflatable marked “Treats” with an M&Ms image. Treat lines are cordoned off, making it easy to enter and exit.

For those with food allergies, simply ask for a teal token instead of candy. The tokens are later exchanged for allergen-free candy. I really tried to get a clear image of a token for you, but between lighting, crowds and my child-like desire to just have fun, alas, I did not. They’re plastic, teal and about the size of a half-dollar.



theater magic kingdom

Token Exchange

When you’re finished trick-or-treating, go to one of two exchange locations to turn in the tokens for allergen-free candy.

One exchange center is the Theater on Main Street USA (it is on your left as you exit the park). The other is Liberty Square Ticket Office located next to the Hall of Presidents.


allergy-friendly chart disney halloween


When you exchange your tokens for candy, you will be asked about your food allergies and shown a chart (portion of which is pictured above, but the lights were so bright it’s hard to make out what it is) with all the candies available so that you can decide which are right for you. Then, you simply let the cast member know which candies you would like, and they fill your bag.

It’s a simple process, it seems to work well and hats off to Disney for making it possible for kids (and kids at heart!) with celiac disease and/or food allergies to enjoy the fun.


The Impact of the Token Exchange Experience

While I don’t want to come across as negative, I want to mention how the token collection and exchange experience made me feel. Keep in mind, I’m an adult, was diagnosed with celiac disease and multiple food allergies as an adult and I have never felt uncomfortable about my food differences, until MNSSHP.

This was the first time I ever felt like I was different or “singled out” for my food allergies and I admit, it was a bit bothersome. Being diagnosed as an adult in 2007, I never experienced a situation where I couldn’t eat what the other kids at school were eating or how it feels to be the kid at the party who can’t eat the cupcakes. It’s never been an issue for me personally when I couldn’t eat the regular birthday cake at a wedding or a party. Really, to me, no big deal. But again, diagnosed as an adult is very different than being diagnosed as a child. We adults can reason out, I can’t have this because it makes me sick and I can have something else later that is gluten-free, allergen-free, etc.

Awkward is not something I normally feel!

Trick-or-treating at Disney made me very aware of my difference from the majority. It felt awkward asking for a token and having the Cast Member put down a handful of candy to search for a token in their pocket. Three stations we went to were out of tokens. For me, it didn’t matter because I was trick-or-treating to learn how it worked so I can share with you.

But it made me stop and think about kids in that situation. Tell a child no candy, only tokens until we’re done. Then, have the Cast Member say “sorry, I’m all out of tokens” and you’ve got a disappointed kiddo on your hands, understandably so!

I’m grateful for the experience because it helped me see a situation I am very familiar with – living with food allergies and celiac disease – through another lens. I feel I understand, at least a bit better, how you parents feel when your kids are told “no, none for you” or “you’re different” just because of their special diet.

By the end of the trick-or-treat rounds, I noticed myself making comments to Dreamy and my daughter about being “the special kid” and I’m not kidding, it messed with me for a minute. I just felt like I wanted to be “normal” and get a handful of regular candy like everyone else. How’s that for a reality check?? Have you experienced this as an adult? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


allergy-friendly halloween disney candy

About the Candy

For food allergies, you can see the treats in the picture are predominantly Enjoy Life Foods chocolates, morsels, trail mix and cookies. There are also Surf Sweets, Smarties, Free2be Sun Cups, Gogo Squeeze, Werther’s candies, Beanfields Bean Chips, Yum Earth lollipops and several non-edible treats like slap bracelets and bookmarks.

The regular treats are mostly various flavors of M&Ms (caramel, peanut, plain, peanut butter), Life Savers gummies, Skittles and mini Snickers. The Life Savers gummies and some of the M&Ms are gluten-free. You can read about which Halloween candies are gluten-free in my updated list here.

As for quantity, it is excessive. We left with POUNDS of candy each.

And speaking of all that candy, especially the chocolates, I have some tips for you for making the most of MNSSHP.


jack skellington and sally disney halloween

Gigi’s Tips for Making the Most of MNSSHP


What to wear.

  • Dress appropriately for the event and for the weather. I wrote about packing for the unpredictable fall weather at Disney here. And be sure to review Disney’s costume guidelines here. You don’t want to be turned away at the entry gate!


  • When choosing your costume (or just your regular clothes), remember that temps are still quite high in central Florida in the early fall. It was hot, even at night, during our recent visit. If you attend MNSSHP in October, evening temps are likely to be cooler.


  • Always take a poncho in case of rain.



What to do first.

  • Character meet and greet.

The lines are long regardless of the time; however, most younger kids want to trick-or-treat first thing when the party begins. That’s an ideal time to jump in line for your favorite characters.

For us, our must-see were Jack and Sally, so we went straight to them. The wait was about two hours, I thought I might have a heat stroke and my feet hurt from standing in one spot for so long, but it was totally worth it, and I’d do it again. Jack and Sally were fabulous!!

  • Character meeting spots are marked in the party map you receive when you enter Magic Kingdom for the party.


  • Be sure to get water before you get in line. When it’s hot out, you’re in costume and standing for what might be hours, hydration is essential!


What to do last.

  • Trick or treat!

Save the sweets for last so you don’t have to carry the candy. Disney is not going to run out of candy, I assure you. Also, if it’s warm out, which is likely, chocolates will melt and you’re going to receive loads of chocolate candy. You don’t want it to be melted and squishy.


Which parade to see.

  • See the second parade at 11:30pm.
  • Get a spot near the park exit. It’s great viewing and you’re first out of the park at midnight when the party ends. ;-)


magic kingdom at night halloween


Specialty Food

Several locations around Magic Kingdom offer special Halloween-themed treats during the season. We only tried the candy corn soft serve from Autie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland, but there are a few others that are gluten-free such as:

  • Mickey Pumpkin Cheesecake – Main Street Bakery
  • Oogie Boogie Meringue – Gaston’s Tavern
  • Worms and Dirt – Peco Bill’s

candy corn ice cream disney


Special Entertainment

There is so much going on that it’s a challenge to make it to everything during the five-hour party! My tip if you only have one night to attend is to decide in advance your “must-see” characters and entertainment and build a schedule around that. Here are a few special events during the party:

  • Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular – this is the show in front of the Castle (8:30pm, 10:45pm and 12midnight)
  • Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade (9:15pm and 11:15pm, but the 11:15 parade started much later, around 11:40pm)
  • Happy Hallowishes Fireworks (10:15pm – great viewing while eating the candy corn soft serve in Tomorrowland seated on a bench!)
  • Scream-O-Ween Ball (7pm and 12midnight – for the kids)


magic kingdom halloween


Passholders receive a ticket discount, but tickets go fast, especially the closer it gets to Halloween, so book now. Get all the details, tickets and more on the Disney site.





  1. Michelle

    Disney could pre-load the teal bags with a few treats that are allergen safe, so the kids get to munch as they go a little bit.


    • Gigi Stewart

      That’s a great idea, Michelle. They could use the non-chocolate candies, the ones that wouldn’t melt. The chocolates could be the exchange treats at the two locations. xo


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