After a 25-year struggle with chronic pain, persistent inflammation and various mysterious illnesses that even the best doctors could not diagnose, I took matters into my own hands and used my research background to determine which foods would heal my gut, and in turn, the rest of my body.” ~ Gigi Stewart, MA

In this 18-page eBook, former neuroscience and natural products researcher, Gigi Stewart, MA, explains 12 ways to fight inflammation with the foods you eat. Using her signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science approach, Gigi shares facts based on current, empirical research, making that information easy to understand and immediately useful to anyone in need of reducing inflammation in their body.

Not a mere listing of foods to eat or avoid, this book goes deeper as Gigi explains why certain foods fight inflammation and why others cause it. And because Gigi wants you to be able to use food to transform your health, just like she did for herself, she shares the best ways to incorporate certain foods for maximum anti-inflammatory benefit.

Perhaps you will find one of the most compelling sections to be the one on dairy products and the damage they do to the body. Maybe you’ve heard about it but aren’t exactly sure how dairy causes inflammation. Or maybe you need to know dairy’s role in histamine release or whether or not there is a difference between cow milk and goat or sheep milk. The answers are all inside.

Learn which fruits and vegetables are best at cooling the flames of inflammation and how the colors of certain foods are a clue to their ability to calm the immune system.

As always, Gigi breaks down the science, skips the technical jargon and explains it all in everyday terms that anyone can understand and use right away.

Don’t pass on this opportunity to learn how to begin reclaiming your health with the foods you eat!