Trace Minerals for Weight Loss

Have you struggled with your weight loss efforts, tried everything from diet pills to starving yourself and still can’t get the number on the scale to budge?

You may be deficient in trace minerals, particularly the key five trace minerals your body must have to support healthy weight loss.

In this informative, 9-page eBook, Gigi uses her science expertise to explain exactly what trace minerals are, which five you must have for achieving your weight loss goals and which foods contain them.

You also learn:

  • Which foods block certain trace minerals
  • Daily recommended intake of the five key trace minerals for weight loss
  • Benefits of trace minerals
  • Amounts of trace minerals in recommended foods

Knowing which trace minerals support healthy, effortless weight loss and having a short list of key foods to eat to get those nutrients into your body easily makes this eBook an essential tool in your weight loss and maintenance arsenal!

Release date: March 1, 2015
Last updated: March 29, 2016
Current version: 1.5
File format: .pdf
File size: 266kb
Requirements: Free Adobe Acrobat Reader
Price: $2.99 USD