In Understanding Chronic Inflammation & Fighting Inflammation Naturally with Diet, former neuroscience and natural products researcher, Gigi Stewart, MA, explains:

  • What inflammation is
  • 2 Types of inflammation
  • 5 signs of chronic inflammation
  • What happens in the body with chronic inflammation
  • Conditions and diseases that indicate chronic inflammation

Gigi draws from her strong knowledge base to highlight how:

  • Emotional stress leads to chronic inflammation
  • Most diseases are caused by chronic inflammation

Gigi goes on to share how what we eat is the key to modulating and reducing inflammation in the body.

First, she presents and describes pro-inflammatory foods – those foods that cause inflammation in the body.

Next, she details anti-inflammatory foods, explaining why those foods reduce inflammation in the body.

Finally, always leaving you with practical and immediately useful tips on improving your health now, Gigi shares:

  • 7 things you might be doing that cause inflammation in your body
  • 10 simple ways to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet

As an added bonus, Gigi shares 5 of her favorite simple recipes to show you how easy it is to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into the everyday.

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from Gigi’s signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science approach to health in this 28-page publication!