In this researched-based, info-filled eBook, Gigi applies her signature Smart Nutrition Backed by Science for Balanced Living approach to help everyone interested in having more energy – consistently, on a daily basis – understand exactly what to do and what to eat to achieve that goal.

Inside, you’ll find detailed explanations and examples of:

  • Why certain foods are better than others in terms of positive energy return
  • Specifically which foods to EAT FOR ENERGY
  • Gigi’s Top 5 Foods to Boost Energy
  • 9 tips and tricks that go hand-in-hand with diet to help you maximize the energy you get from the foods you eat
  • The truth about carbohydrates and the role this macronutrient plays in energy return and so much more!

“With a broad health wish like ‘have more energy’, it is easy to get bogged down in hype and lose sight of what one must do to achieve the lofty goal.

There are companies selling ‘natural’ energy boosters, self-proclaimed gurus promoting a particular ‘diet’ and so many other schemes out there, it is difficult for most of us to know what to do.

It’s also easy to get sucked in by people who want your money in exchange for a product or gimmick that really will not work.

The truth is, there is no potion or pill that will help you increase energy. There is no rigid formula to adhere to when it comes to eating or exercising.

The secret, which really is no secret at all, is your body holds the answer to having an endless supply of the energy you want and need. You simply need to know the steps to take on a daily basis and the foods to eat to unlock an endless energy supply.”

–Gigi Stewart, MA, from Your Body’s Secret to Having More Energy