Tips for Dry Eye Relief

by | October 12, 2018 | Health & Nutrition | 3 comments

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Do you have issues with dry eye? It’s no surprise that it’s an issue for me considering I spend hours in front of my computer each day writing. My “escape” from the screen involves getting outside daily for a walk, gardening or simply being in nature.

Chances are you’ve experienced dry eye, too. After all, it’s a common condition, affecting more than 30 million people in the US. And even if you don’t have ongoing issues, if you travel often like I do, you know being exposed to the dry air in airports and on planes may lead to dry eye symptoms.

When it comes to dry eye, much of what causes it – like my work, love of the outdoors and travel – are part of life, and we need some tactics to combat dry eye and a way to effectively alleviate the symptoms.

When it comes to spending hours in front of the computer, remind yourself to blink often and to glance away from the screen periodically.

Outdoors, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and wind.

Remember to stay hydrated when you travel. Adequate hydration is always important for so many reasons and it may even help relieve symptoms of dry eye.

In addition to these preventative tips for dry eye, I use SYSTANE® Complete when my eyes feel irritated and dry. I keep a bottle at my desk, so I can easily reach for it. I stash another bottle in my purse for when I’m on the go.

Have you heard of SYSTANE® Complete?

It’s designed to help dry eye sufferers find real relief from every major type of dry eye.

What I love about this product is that it quickly relieves my dry eye symptoms, and it helps keep my eyes lubricated. That’s important because dry eye essentially means your eyes can’t adequately lubricate themselves. No fun!

I like SYSTANE® because it’s made by the #1 doctor recommended brand of eye drops, and it’s easy for me to find just about anywhere. Look for it at major retailers, pharmacies, at your eye doctor and online. And be sure to learn more about the SYSTANE® Complete eye drops by visiting the website.

And just like our lifestyles can sometimes lead to dry eye, there are also adjustments we can make to support overall eye health.

Steps You Can Take to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms

Foods like fish rich in omega-3 oils are eye-protecting and have been shown to support healthy tear production and overall macular health.

Don’t forget two of my top “musts” for your health: Exercise and handwashing. Both are so easy to do every day. Exercise contributes to overall health, including healthy eyes, and handwashing is always important. When we’re talking about the eyes, it’s especially crucial to wash our hands thoroughly before putting in drops or applying makeup.

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  1. Pauline

    I was told years ago that I have dry eye syndrome but never used eye drops as I didn’t know what was safe! Thank you so much for looking into this very important topic!


    • Gigi Stewart

      I really love these, Pauline! Grab the coupon and give them a try! :) xo


    • Gigi Stewart

      Pauline, you are the giveaway winner. You will receive an email from SHE Media soon so that they can send you your prize. Congrats!


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